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Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned starts vault hunters in the dark, post-apocalyptic Jakob's Cove, and as the name would imply, zombie killing ensues. This DLC included new weapons, new bad guys to kill (including brand new baddies and zombified versions of previous enemies), new quests, and a new Borderlands experience.The new weapons aren't much to talk about because, nobody has seen every weapon in the original game. But the new zombies are a nice touch, and might remind one of Left 4 Dead's brand of zombies. There is the basic grunt zombie, a Corrupter that spits on you and blurs your vision (as well as slows movement), a "Tankenstien," a big guy that's hard to kill, among others.
The new quests certainly deliver, even more so for only $10. New achievements go along with these quests rather well, and compliment the gameplay, so you'll never feel pressure to get achievements is you progress through the DLC at a normal pace. One quests in particular ("Br…


When I first heard about Borderlands, I was genuinely uninterested. I never liked First Person Shooters until I played Borderlands. I gave it a try because it was promised to be a role-playing game as well. I fell in love with it. Borderlands brings a lot to the table like character building, big and open worlds, and fun gun-play. Borderlands has a cool cast of characters, and great graphics and voices to match. Cell Shaded graphics have always been, in my opinion, a great look for a game. Cartoonish graphics and real looking characters all rolled into one package. Borderlands is truly a work of art, with huge maps - there's a lot to look at, and reasons to explore the landscapes.
Borderlands also has variety. From a bunch of enemies, to weapons, to quests, to skills you can choose from - you're sure to find a favorite meta-game. The enemies may seem the same at first, but they get more diverse, and more threatening as the game plays on. You'll always have that sense that …