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Dante's Inferno

My Rating: 6.5 out of 10
Those who are fans of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy are among the many who were initially interested in EA and Visceral Game's title "Dante's Inferno". After it's all said and done, Dante's Inferno bares little resemblance to it's 14th century literature predecessor. Although the characters and general storyline come away clean, a lot of little details just don't add up, and it's very obvious to the educated among us that EA and Visceral Games took quite a few liberties.
With that being said, this review for Dante's Inferno is strictly for the game, and I will leave the fact that there is also an epic poem in regards to this same topic, and which goes by the same name out of the picture as to be fair. Dante's Inferno offers strong, fluid, and intense combat the whole way through the short adventure in hell, and features many things to do afterwards. For instance, plenty of DLC is available at this point in ti…