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Nintendo 3DS

My Rating: 8 out of 10
The Nintendo 3DS comes in four flavors (well, in North America anyway); Aqua Blue (the model I went with), Cosmo Black, Flame Red, and some kind of pink. The whole package, no extras included, comes to $169.00 and you really do get a LOT for your money. Initially opening the box brings you to an instruction booklet and MiiPlaza directions in 3 different languages each - underneath those, a rather large instruction booklet - underneath that, a little Nintendo Points thing. Getting to the meat of it all, going through to the bottom of the box, we find a docking station (really, very nice actually), the 3DS itself, and lastly, the charger (you're going to need it!). 
The system comes with AR cards as well, which stand for Augmented reality - one card in particular has a large amount of fun mini games, that you play on any flat surface, and it really brings your world into the game in an interesting way. Also, a game called "Face Raider" makes it into …