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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus

My Score:  8.8 out of 10
"Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus" is the first of three (soon to be four) Sly Cooper games. In these games, you take on the role of Sly and his companions in order to rip off master criminals (the modern day Robin hood, if you will). What makes the first installment of this series so much fun is the fact that it's such a new and exciting idea. Sure you're a thief, and your family has only consisted of thieves, but you only steal things from the bad guys, making you a good guy - all the while appearing bad to the "real" good guys (of law enforcement).

You start off humble - but right out of the gate, and with gradual story progression, you have all the tools to beat the game - everything optional is just optional. Going through an intro level in Paris, during the start of the game, the player learns the basics and the general feel for how the game will play out for the remainder of the adventure. After that, you're sent to …

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Review - Second Opinion

Reviewed on Xbox 360

Players: 1 local, up to 4 online co-op

Released: March 6, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Genre: Action RPG

Created by: Bioware

Rated M for:
Partial Nudity
Strong Language
Sexual Content
Score: Before the Last 10 Minutes - 9.5/10 Overall - 8.0/10

When BioWare announced back in 2005 that they were going to release a shooter/RPG trilogy where all of your decisions carried over, few believed they would be able to do it. With the release of Mass Effect 3, Bioware has lived up to their promise, for the most part. In fact, if you are reading this review and haven’t played Mass Effect 1 and 2 yet, step away from the computer and go play them. Mass Effect 3 starts out on Earth in the year 2186. As Commander Shepard, you find yourself minutes away from the eye of the proverbial storm, the Reapers. Reapers, an advanced race of Artificial Intelligence starships, destroy all advanced organic life in the galaxy every 50,000 years. This extinc…

Star Fox 64 3D

My Score:  7.5 out of 10
Star Fox 64 was one of the many reasons Nintendo 64 owners would buy the console. It was addictive, and action-packed with almost unlimited relay value - and for the most part - that still holds up today. With the latest port having a new, essentially "easy mode", and updated graphics that go far beyond what the N64 could do - you'll be on a nostalgia trip in no time while still being able to get back into it on your own pace.

Star Fox 64 3D puts you in the pilot seat of Fox McCloud, the leader of the group of mercenaries known as "Star Fox". The team was hired to protect the Lylat system and stop the evil Andross from achieving galactic domination. You, along with your three computer-controlled allies Peppy, Slippy, and Falco - go through a series of levels and fulfill certain objectives in order to proceed onward to the final battle.

Star Fox 64 3D is both years worth of nostalgia and a brand new experience in a tiny 3DS cartridge. Fr…

Dante's Inferno: Dark Forest Pack

Dante's Inferno did the whole marketing thing right... Almost everywhere you looked, there was something about the upcoming release - and many different ways to pre-order it. Even after it hit the shelves, the marketing campaign continued and many people bought it regardless of the poor critical reception. It would have been strange to not include DLC in this game, considering the hype that seemed to die down months after its release (most hype dies down before a game even drops). Two major DLC's were introduced along with some minor cash grabs (in-game currency, and a few in-game items/costumes).

A lot of people had problems with Dante's Inferno because it wasn't completely accurate to Dante Alighieri's original epic poem in quite a few ways. Well, the Dark Forest Pack is here to ease the burden on those troubled players, only slightly. It includes the beginning of the epic poem in some ways, but still manages to not make nice with the original source material. 

Saints Row: The Third

Hello fellow gamers and welcome to the Saints Row: the Third review! The Third Street Saints are at it again in there most wacky, awesome, perverted, fun game yet! From starting out as nothing but a street gang in the city of Stilwater trying to clean up the streets, to taking over a mutli-million dollar company as well as the whole city of Stilwater, to now taking control of the city of Steelport and taking down the Syndicate.
You start off this crazy game with trying to rob a bank to get you back into the swing of everything and get a feel for the controls while being shot at by the bank security and trying to not get yourself killed in the process (you know nothing to serious). And everything goes really smoothly until one of the new recruits pushes a red button thinking it would open the safe instead it calls in the police as well as a hired army to take you down. And even this doesn't slow you down I mean come on your the third street saints nothing can stop you!...Well unti…

Saints Row: The Third - Online Pass

The third adventure of the Third Street Saints brought players many things: A new whole city to take over, gameplay improvements, new characters and events, and finally - a whole lot of DLC. Currently, there's a plethora of extra content available for Saints Row: The Third, including new costumes, rides, weapons, and additional gameplay.

I always hate when I get back to my house after picking out a used game for a better price and finding that I missed out on the online pass that all new-buyers get. When I saw that I once again missed out, I was upset - but I've played the first two games, so I wanted to experience The Third with all it has to offer. So I dished out the $10.00 worth of Microsoft Points, and ended up saying to myself "Hmmm... This couldn't have just been included?"
I understand, it's a money grab - big companies need big money or they can't make big games. But to pay $10.00 for something that might not even be used is too much. You can jo…

Castle Crashers - King Pack

The King Pack features 2 new playable characters, 2 new weapons, and 1 new animal orb. This is also our first stop for DLC, as it was the first pack available. Originally priced 400 Microsoft Points ($5), I can remember hearing the news of this DLC, and staying up until midnight so I could be one of the first to purchase it... Of course, in Ohio, XBLA isn't updated exactly at midnight, so I had to wait until about 6:00am - but that's neither here nor there!
The new characters featured in this DLC pack are familiar faces from the story line, including (of course) the King, and the Gray Knight. Each of these characters have their own unique magic spell, as all other characters do. Also included in this pack are three extra weapons for your arsenal - the King's Mace, a Lollipop, (yep... That's right.) and the NG Golden Sword (two very powerful weapons). Lastly, a new adorable animal orb known as "Pelter" can join you in the fray, by shooting occasional ice bolt…


My Score: 9.3 out of 10
There's really nothing bad about SSX, except for the fact that I wanted more, and that's asking a LOT of Electronic Arts here, because there is literally an endless amount of content (as long as they continue to update regularly). SSX starts you off with a few optional intros and tutorials that are appreciated, because, let's face it, it's been a while for all of us since we've played a quality snowboarding game. The story is minimal, in a good way - and doesn't overrun the fun you'll be having. It really just gives people who care a reason to play (beat the corporate fat-cat pretty boy with your rag-tag team of misfits).
If you've played the classic SSX Tricky - you'll feel right at home here. Go to a big mountain, ride down it, pull off ridiculously amazing tricks - and race people when you're feeling more competitive. There's a wide variety of everything in SSX, from courses, game modes, equipment, collectibles, chara…