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Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Created by: Intelligent Systems Genre: Turn Based Strategy RPG
GBA, 3DS (Virtual Console) Release: GBA: 3/23/2005, 3DS: 12/16/2012 ESRB Rating: E My Score: 8.75
                Few game developers are as good as Intelligent Systems when it comes to turn based strategy RPGs. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones continues this tradition and provides a more evolved combat system to keep the franchise fresh. At the same time, interesting storytelling concepts are added but underdeveloped.                 Sacred Stones starts out with the continent of Magvel at war. While at peace for nearly a thousand years, the largest and most powerful nation on the continent, Grado, started a war with their longtime ally, Renais. This invasion came as a surprise to everyone and a world war unfolds. As the game starts, the princess of Renais, Erika, is forced to abandon her castle and leave her father to die while her brother Ephraim fights a guerilla war in Grado. To make matters worse, monsters have appear…

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Created by: EA and Big Huge Games Genre: Role-Playing Released: Feb 7, 2012 ESRB Rating: M (Mature) My Score: 8.0 out of 10
Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning gives players a LOT of space to do whatever they want, but it does come up a bit stale flavor-wise after too long.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning follows the story of a mortal known as the "Fateless One", who having died before the game's outset, is revived in the experimental Well of Souls by the gnomish scientist Fomorous Hugues. The first and only success of the experiment, the Fateless One must escape the facility when it comes under attack by the Tuatha Deohn, a subsect of the immortal Winter Fae, who are currently waging a "Crystal War" on all the mortal races in the name of their new god "Tirnoch".

Having escaped the facility, the Fateless One - having no memory of his life before his death - learns of the intriacies of the world he has returned to by the Fateweaver Agarth; Agarth explains that every …

Mass Effect 2

My Score: 9.5
                Few tasks are more difficult for a game developer than creating a sequel to a great game; they must keep what was loved from the first game and improve upon its mistakes yet at the same time evolve the series to avoid stagnancy without alienating fans. BioWare lived up to the challenge with Mass Effect 2. In creating a darker more character driven setting coupled with improved gameplay mechanics, Mass Effect 2 can be held as an example of how to do a shooter RPG right.                 Mass Effect 2 picks up right where Mass Effect 1 ended. It’s only a couple months after Shepard thwarted Sovereign’s attack on the citadel to postpone the return of the Reapers. The galactic governments, hoping to silence Shepard’s warnings about the return of the race of nearly invulnerable genocidal sentient space ships, send Shepard on clean up duty in the far reaches of the galaxy. However, everything goes to hell when an unknown vessel ambushes the Normandy, destroying…

Mass Effect

My Score: 9.4                 Before Dragon Age 2 and synthesis, BioWare was in their prime with their release of Mass Effect. Rightly hailed as one of the best RPGs to date, Mass Effect is the science fiction masterpiece of our generation. In a hard science fiction setting, BioWare presents a not so far off future set in the Milky Way and creates a universe rivaling those of Star Wars and Star Trek. While the combat mechanics may leave players wanting, the story and decision driven RPG is a must have for anyone interested in RPGs, science fiction or well written immersive video games.                 Mass Effect is set in 2183 where humans recently discovered the ability to travel across the galaxy through devices known as mass relays. Mass relay technology is based on the knowledge of a galactic spanning race known as the protheans that disappeared 50,000 years ago. Humanity discovered that the galaxy is already inhabited by several other advanced species with a democratic system. …

The Witcher Review

Created by: CD Projekt Genre: RPG Release: November 9, 2007
PC ESRB Rating: M My Score: 7.9/10
RPGs have come a long way since the days of Dungeon and Dragon style text adventures. The 80 hour adventure known as the Witcher is a prototype of where RPGs are headed next in terms of writing, player choice and branching quests. However, its glory is unfortunately marred by problems of pacing and game mechanics, making the game more of a proof of concept. Regardless, it is a great game for those who can tolerate its flaws with great patience.                 The Witcher starts out giving a brief introduction of the world and shows an unconscious white haired man being carted into a castle. It turns out that this is the character players will control, Geralt of Rivia, and that he is a Witcher. Witchers are men and women trained and mutated from a young age solely to kill monsters. As Geralt wakes up, the castle inhabited by his fellow Witchers is attacked by a mysterious group that goes …