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Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Created by: Namco Project Aces Genre: Flight Combat Simulator
Play Station 2 Release: October 25, 2004 ESRB Rating: Teen My Score: 9.5
                Good flight combat sims are hard to come by nowadays. Many claim that the shift of the genre to consoles impedes its true potential. I refute people who say that with Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. Released back in 2004 by Namco’s Project Aces, Ace Combat 5 is one of the best flight combat sims in existence. Ace Combat 5’s excellent gameplay and superb story makes it a game that I can recommend to everyone. Simply put, AC5 is a phenomenal flight combat sim and game in general.                       Ace Combat 5 is set in 2010 in a peaceful world. The two world powers are Yuktobania and Osea. Ever since the end of a terrible war 15 years ago against the former superpower, Belka, allied Osea and Yuktobania have kept the world stable and peaceful. It is in this peaceful world that Osean pilots are trained care free of the concerns of wa…