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Borderlands 2

My Score: 9.8 out of 10
Since this is the first thing most people read, let me just say - without the first Borderlands, there would be no Level Lounge. While Castle Crashers was the first review I published on the site, with Eternal Sonata not too far afterword (they've since been lost in one of our moves, unfortunately), Borderlands was the first review I had ever written. I consider Borderlands to be the game that started this all. Now, with that said... Borderlands 2 took what I was so excited and passionate about (and still am) in 2009 and made it better. I didn't even like playing First-Person Shooters back in the day, but I saw the first advertisement for Borderlands, and fell in love with it without even playing so much as a demo before my wife (at that time my new girlfriend) bought it for me as a holiday gift.But I don't want this to be a love letter to the first game, or a history course on what started this surprisingly successful site, so by all means, let'…

Xbox 360 S

Created by: Microsoft Released: Jun 14, 2010
My Rating:
8 out of 10 The Xbox 360 S is widely known as the Xbox 360 Slim. The 360 S didn't have to worry about a launch lineup, as there are already hundreds of great games out for the 360 already. Playing with that hand, Microsoft flaunts more firepower, Kinect readiness, and a sleeker design that works both aesthetically and functionally.  The sleek design looks good, and allows more ventilation for the often times overplayed system. Cute little no-press buttons now control turning on and off the system and the disc drive. Keeping up with the "cute," a little confirmation ding is heard when touching said buttons. When compared to the original Xbox 360 (dubbed "the arcade"), and the enhanced 360 ("the elite"), the Xbox 360 Slim holds up well as both a physical improvement and a technical improvement. The spacious 250 gig HDD that came with the original package deal (back in the day, we didn't get Kinect …

Renegade Ops Review

Twin Stick Shooters have enjoyed a renaissance over the last few years with Geometry Wars on 360 and Super Stardust HD on PS3 easily being the top of the genre. Unlike those games, Renegade Ops doesn't limit itself to one screen and lets you control a jeep for the most part. Levels are vast and carry a fully fleshed out story, but it's of no consequence with the voice acting and script being so poor. Bought this on Steam but got it free via PS+ and it's the latter I decided to play.

You'll be greeted with the choice of four characters, each possessing one special move that goes from sending in a rocket strike to being invincible for a short period time, these moves are charged over time and don't really play too much into the standard twin stick controls. Left stick to drive the Jeep and right stick controls the angle of the mounted guns, it’s the default gameplay for these games, you can also pick up extra weapons such as rail guns and flame throwers which are use…

Motorstorm RC Review

Created by: Evolution Studios Genre: Racing Release: 22 February 2012 ESRB Rating: Everyone My Score: 8/10
One of the first dual buys for the PS VITA and PlayStation 3, basically you pay £3.99 and can have it on both systems. Game saves and trophies are also shared via some fancy cloud save shenanigans. What you get is a top down arcade racer which takes its inspiration from Micro Machines on the 16bit consoles. The tracks within the game are based on the three PlayStation 3 Motorstorm games and the one that arrived on PlayStation Portable. Events will range from time trials to racing against the A.I. Works out quite well as you try to not only achieve first place, but to get fast times which will win the gold medal, more medals will open up new events and it does encourage that “one more time” urge. Online isn’t present except for leaderboards and competing against whatever times your friends are posting. It all gets strangely addictive and will frustrate as well, trust me, there is always…

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Review

Created by: Dimps/Sonic Team Genre: Platformer Release: May 15th 2012 ESRB Rating: Everyone My Score: 4/10 The first episode of Sonic 4 was actually good fun, but Sonic himself never felt right, very hard to explain but many complained about it. Dimps the team behind both episodes have addressed things and Sonic feels much more natural (for a running hedgehog). Tails now joins in with the fun and you can activate moves with Sonic & Tails with the special move button depending on the situation, when Sonic is in the air then Tails can grab him and fly for a few seconds when you press the X button on the 360 controller. If Sonic is on the ground then the X button will activate the rolling attack with has Tails & Sonic joining together and dash spinning through the levels. Nifty moves, but the biggest problem with this game is that the level design is nowhere near robust or clever enough to make using these powers worthwhile. Far too often the game turns into a rollercoaster with Soni…

Orcs Must Die!

My Score: 7.8 out of 10
Orcs Must Die! is a strategy video game developed by Robot Entertainment. It is a Tower defense game that eschews the traditional top-down view of similar games, instead using a third-person action-oriented viewpoint. After being demonstrated at Penny Arcade Expo East 2011, the game was released via Xbox Live Arcade on October 5, 2011, and for Windows PCs on October 12, 2011.
First things first, there is a huge amount of diverse and amazingly fun weapons and traps to slay orcs with. Also importantly, you can use unlocked upgrades, weapons, and traps in earlier levels to fight for the best scores with your newly acquired killing mechanisms. There is a vast majority of enemy types, and the fact that different enemies move, think, and act differently - you'll need to think on your toes as the time passes and the same strategies won't work with every baddie type. Since there is so much variety, so many  unlockables, and so many chances to up your previously …