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Dante's Inferno Review

Created by: Electronic Arts / Visceral Games Genre: Beat-'Em-Up Release: February 9, 2010 ESRB Rating: M (Mature) My Rating: 6.5 out of 10
Dante's Inferno offers strong, fluid, and intense combat the whole way through the short adventure in hell, and features many things to do afterwards.
Those who are fans of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy are among the many who were initially interested in EA and Visceral Game's title "Dante's Inferno". After it's all said and done, Dante's Inferno bares little resemblance to it's 14th century literature predecessor. Although the characters and general storyline come away clean, a lot of little details just don't add up, and it's very obvious to the educated among us that EA and Visceral Games took quite a few liberties.
With that being said, this review for Dante's Inferno is strictly for the game, and I will leave the fact that there is also an epic poem in regards to this same topic, and which goes by th…

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds DLC Review Bundle

Fans of Marvel vs Capcom 3 got quite the anticipated treat today, with the release of Jill Valentine (from the Resident Evil Series), and Shuma-Gorath (from Dr. Strange, I believe), as extra characters, available via DLC. This treat, however, wasn't without it's costs, and the fact that these characters both cost $5.00 (or 400 Microsoft points) each, brings up the debate of whether or not they're worth it.

I, of course, already had my points stored in the system from 2 weeks ago, in excitement for these two characters. Not because I necessarily LIKE them, but because it's 2 new characters to play one of my new, favorite games with.

What comes with each $5.00 purchase? Three things:
1. New character (either Jill, or Shuma-Gorath)
2. 10 new missions each
3. New art, profiles, endings, etc. to unlock

Now we now know everything involved in what you're buying, so, onto the most important thing... How do these characters play?

Jill plays like X-23 in many ways, except wi…

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Review

Created by: Capcom Genre: 2D Fighting Release: February 15, 2011 ESRB Rating: T (Teen) My Rating: 8.8 out of 10
If you like 2D Fighters, Marvel, Capcom, awesome games, or all of the above - there's no reason to NOT pick up Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds today.
I used to never like fighting games. I didn't understand them, I thought they were too hard and the thought of stringing fancy combos together seemed, to me, better suited to 3D titles such as God of War, and Kingdom Hearts. Well, Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds changed that for me completely. Such rich textures, colors, and animations bring me back to my childhood days of watching Saturday morning cartoons. Not to mention, MvC3 features a Simple mode that, admittedly, got me started, and allowed me personally to hone my skills.
Not a whole lot actually holds Marvel vs. Capcom 3 back from the almost holy 10/10 ratings across the board, except for a few minor "nit-picky" things such as; online capabilities, …

Dirt Showdown Review

Dirt evolved from the Colin McRae Rally games that started on the Playstation and the last version was Dirt 3 which had strayed quite a bit from its Rally roots. Dirt Showdown must have sounded like a great idea at concept, it's demolition derby with the Dirt 3 engine. There are no rally events or anything that involves cars that can actually go fast, races are there but they consist of slower cars built for smashing other slow cars. Rally cars are included but for Gymkhana events only. I’m normally a big fan of Codemasters and enjoyed F-1, Dirt and GRID, but they’ve dropped the ball with Showdown and it will go down as one of the weakest games that’s been released by Codies. Visuals are fine, not quite the standard set by Dirt 3 but considering the real time damage that’s needs processing for all the cars, I can’t fault them on that. Problem begins when the game is installed with the game constantly harassing you to go online, I don’t want to go online so stop pestering me before …

Sonic CD Review

Back in the early 90s Sega embraced the new compact disc format by releasing the Mega CD add-on for the cartridge based Mega Drive/Genesis, it’s safe to say that it flopped badly, but amongst the interactive movies that swamped the machines output, you'll find the odd gem and Sonic CD was the best of them although it did little to bolster the new system at retail.

Coming in after the original Sonic, it was developed initially for the Mega Drive and expected to be Sonic 2, but the main players of Sonic Team had other ideas and this version was then tailored for the new cd format, Sega badly needed that killer game for the failing add-on. The game plays out differently from the expected Sonic with 3 versions of the zones, you start in the present and could time travel to the past or future, sign posts were dotted around each level and it was a matter of hitting either "PAST" or "FUTURE" then gaining enough speed to time travel to whatever time-zone you had trigger…

Trials Evolution Review

Trials Evolution
Xbox Live Arcade
Released 2012
Trials HD was brutally hard, smash the control pad off the nearest wall kind of hard. You would only get so far and find your glass ceiling, gamers who managed to 100% the original are few and as such, deserve tremendous praise for making it to the end. Sadly, most of us just don’t possess the skills needed so RedLynx have looked at the feedback and delivered a much more user friendly experience. You’ll now be able to sample most of the tracks on offer and enjoy the fast and smooth gameplay at its most basic level. Of course that’s only explaining some of it as each track offers 3 medals and getting Bronze on most won’t be too difficult, try going for gold on all of them and the gamer rage will kick in again. What Trials Evolution offers at its core is a cracking control scheme which like most classics is easy to play with but will take enormous skill to master. Visuals are very nice and convey the action well, no great improvement over the …

SEGA Rally Online Arcade Review

SEGA Rally Online Arcade
Released 2011
Other Versions: PSN
Taking its cue from the Sega Rally reboot that appeared at retail for the 360 and PS3 then stripping away the career mode and many of its tracks to offer a more back to its roots experience akin to the original Arcade and Saturn game. Doesn’t sound like the best idea, but what it does, it does well. Offering up 5 different tracks, 3 of which come from the last Sega Rally and 2 from the original game. Championship mode has you racing 2 laps around four of the tracks as you battle from the back of the pack, you should be taking first place on the 3rd track and then holding on to open the 4th course. From start to finish that should last about 10 minutes, although actually learning the powerslides will take some time to master, not too hard to achieve but you’ll be best playing it on casual difficulty until accustomed to the gameplay. The Classic track isn't part of the Championship mode and is strictly for one on one action …

Guardian Heroes Review

Guardian Heroes
Released 2011
Other Versions: Sega Saturn
Originally released on the Sega Saturn back in 1996 when the poor console was struggling in the market, as such, many gamers will have missed out on this the first time around. Thankfully I had my Saturn and was well aware of Treasure the developer from their work on the Mega Drive game Gunstar Heroes. The core game is similar to titles like Streets of Rage and Final Fight, but Treasure innovated with Gunstar Heroes and did so again with Guardian Heroes. Although the game is a 2D Scrolling beat ‘em up. It has 3 planes to battle on, the trigger buttons allowing access to these as one see’s fit, using these to engage or avoid enemies is crucial and at first can be very confusing and dare I say it, hard. Give it 30 minutes and you’ll be jumping around like an expert. 5 playable characters can be chosen and vary wildly in skills from the melee warrior to the petite mage, new players should definitely pick the melee type and get acc…

Supreme Commander 2 Review

I loved Command & Conquer, even the last Red Alert game which was dodgy to say the least, then I played Command & Conquer 4, utter dross and a disgrace to the franchise, so I decided it was time to try something outside my normal RTS fix. I've never played the original Supreme Commander and heard only great things about it, but I also heard it was complicated and quite deep, saw SC2 on sale and the reviews were solid and one thing I noted in the reviews was the easier going gameplay system. One of the best gaming decisions I've made over the last few years. Game starts off with a good tutorial which will get you up and running although if you've played any RTS in the past then it's just a case of noting any minor differences to what's came before. You will play as three factions in the main campaign mode, six missions for each and the story will unfold with each intertwined in the grander scheme. Now the one poor thing about the game is that story, at no poi…

Star Wars: Empire at War Review

Had this RTS sitting on my backlog list for ages and decided now was the time. Perhaps not the best idea when I've just completed the best RTS ever made - Supreme Commander 2. The game is set just before New Hope in the Star Wars canon, Darth is on the rampage and the Death Star is just about to start construction. Tutorial mode is present and essential as it doesn't play out as one would expect. You'll be dealing with micro management as you try to take over various planets, gaining income and getting the upper hand. The campaign mode can be played from both sides, Alliance or The Empire. This will entail numerous actions including training spy's and bounty hunters to steal technology, building barracks etc., and it will be done on the galactic map. Once certain requirements are met then you can send troops to the surface of the planets and engage in more traditional RTS action.
The micro management system doesn't engage me the way I thought it would, it's all …