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Wii Fit

Created by: Nintendo

Genre: Fitness

Nintendo Wii
Release: May 21, 2008

ESRB Rating: E

My Score: 6.0 The exercise of last resort

                The Holidays are over and New Year Resolutions to lose weight are upon us. I am experienced in this regard, as since August 22, 2011 I lost 165 pounds. After a month with Nintendo’s Wii Fit, I can say it’s not completely useless, just mostly.                 Exercise is rarely something anyone looks forward to for a number of reasons. It takes too long, is inconvenient, costly and boring. Of these complaints, the Wii Fit addresses the inconvenience and boring nature of working out. The Wii Fit amounts to a collection of mini game exercises in the categories of aerobics, balance, strength and yoga. Users play these with their mii character and are done in combination with the peripheral Wii balance board and Wii remote. The player can then  exercise at home.                 The mini games for the Wii Fit all focus on a certain area. Aerobics…