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Persona 4 Arena Review

If you know me well enough, or read up on our older reviews - you know I'm familiar with Persona. In fact, the only game to this day to get a 10/10 on The Level Lounge is Persona 3 Portable for the Sony PSP. While this game is VERY different, it still has the same look and feel of when I think "Persona". Just picking what you want to do in this game is exciting, because even the menus ooze style. Bright colors, flashy seizure-inducing moves in fights, along with the pop and fuzz of what Persona means to people. Persona 4 Arena got it right, this feels like you're playing a Persona game.

The fighting is fast, easy to control (compared to other fighting games), and makes "chaotic" seem like a boring word, not nearly up to caliber to describe what happens in this game during a 60-second fight. All of the characters have the basics, punch, kick, summoning a large spirit creature out of thin air. You know, the basics. But you will be able to familiarize yourself …

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

This game directly follows the movie "The Amazing Spider-Man", and this is the first time in my life where I have played a game that was the sequel to a movie. It is truly fantastic that I can get home from seeing Spider-Man on the big screen and follow up the consistent storyline right in the comfort of my own apartment. The fact that they use some B-list villains in the game is acceptable for that reason alone. Sure, I would have liked to see some more SERIOUS villains from Spidey's realm, but Hollywood has to save those up for the flicks. To end what could easily turn into a rant, I will just say that the storyline in the game is VERY consistent to how we left the Spider-Man universe in "The Amazing Spider-Man" in theaters.

I'm sure if you've been reading around the internet for reviews on this game, you've likely acquired the common consensus that swinging around the open-world city in The Amazing Spider-Man is a whole lot of fun. Allow my words …

Etrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titan Review

The Nintendo 3DS has been straight up thrusting doors open for me. Series I've never considered playing, such as Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, and now Etrian Odyssey are becoming some of my most favorite games. Etrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titans is one of the more surprising entries in my top 10 list because I never thought an old-school hard-core Role-Playing game would be for me - but man was I wrong.

Etrian Odyssey 4 starts you off as a newbie in a large fantasy town, where you must first head over to the guild headquarters to slap together a group of at least 5 adventurers to take on what the game has to throw at you. Character creation in this case is pretty bare-bones. You choose a name (I used myself and my friend's names, for example), then a class - which there are more than a handful readily available to you (and more to be unlocked later in the game), then you choose from 8 different pre-made character models (the extra 4 are just palette swaps of the first 4).


Dragon's Dogma

This is the biggest, most expansive world I have ever experienced. The map is amazingly huge, and actually pretty intimidating as the game starts. Traveling around towns aren't all that exciting, but outside - the game is beautiful in every way. Vast mountains, large forests, huge bodies of water and everything else one might imagine are present in Dragon's Dogma, and it's always cool to think that you can actually travel as far as the eye can see. When walking around, finding quests to do, you'll sometimes run into giant deadly monsters - this turns into a brand new quest in itself just to kill the thing.
What good is trekking a huge world if you don't have your very own customized avatar to do it? The customization of characters and your "pawn" is a very detailed process, and if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for character creation. I love the personalized scope of the story and gameplay when it's "you" performing the actions on s…

Bad Piggies Review

Rovio made another winner. This is somewhat of a spiritual successor to Angry Birds, but it's far from being a clone. Think Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts on a 2D plane with a little less customization options. You start every level with the materials needed and a grid that you have to limit your design to - but after that - your imagination is what needs to bring you the 3 stars.

There's also some sandbox zones that let you use every part from a world that you've unlocked and a much larger grid. There's always a few ways to get past a level with this freedom - but you still have to make a somewhat sensible design if you're a mobile perfectionist. The 3-Star system in every level is cool and since it's a Rovio game, you know it's going to be supported until mobile gaming dies with new levels and parts and such.

If there's one thing wrong with the game (I think this is actually the fault of the player, really) is that some levels are just too darn difficult…

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

Kingdom Hearts 3D brings the story (almost) full-circle. We've been jumping through hoops, playing these games and not understanding a tiny bit of the storyline when it comes to the big "so what's." This game provides you with the "so what's" we have all been craving for so long. Still, though - We've got some issues that only Kingdom Hearts 3 can fully solve.

It's colorful, plays well with the circle pad pro (and plays decently without it, too), and there are worse things you could be spending time on. Playing as Sora and Riku again is nice, because it's been a while for Sora (with the DS iterations, and Birth By Sleep), and it's been never for Riku, although he's practically just Sora with a different model. We've got some different worlds, and a weak mini game to travel back and forth from said worlds as well.

While the whole Dream Eaters system is pretty cool in my humble opinion, I still couldn't care less about creating, …

Fire Emblem: Awakening Review

I tried every Fire Emblem game released in America. Never beat a single one and never much cared for the story or the universe in general. Fire Emblem: Awakening has changed me from someone totally apathetic towards the series to someone who will most certainly buy every new game in the series from now on.

You're started off with a character creation screen, and if you know me at all - you'll know that I was instantly sucked in from that point. The creation has a surprising amount of tools to make yourself proper, from character age to character voice - you'll feel connected to the little guy (or girl) you create. It pops you in to a tutorial level after an amazing cutscene plays, and you'll acquire the bare-bones operations from their and future mini tutorials as the game goes on. The graphics convinced me to get a 3DS XL (which I'll review in time) just because I wanted to see the beauty on a bigger scale.

The story is fairly interesting, with a time travel motif, …