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XCOM: Enemy Within Review

Released: November 12, 2013
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac
Players: 1, Online 2
ESRB Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence)
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis

Back in 2012 Firaxis and 2K Games gave us XCOM Enemy Unknown. The reboot of the classic series was met with critical and fan praise, and for good reason. The strategy game was a surprise hit, bringing brilliant tactical game play along with surprisingly deep money management and skill trees to explore. Available as an extra download on Steam, Enemy Within is the expansion that's a stand alone on consoles.

People who have played Enemy Unknown will be right at home. The introduction/tutorial is the exact same, including who lives and dies in the very first mission. While you don't have to do the tutorial I would recommend it for the new concepts. After the first mission you are introduced to meld, a substance that becomes quite valuable. Meld is the key to unlock Gene Mods and the impressive new MEC unit.

Need for Speed Rivals Review

Photorealism is a word that gets tossed around a lot when it comes to video games, but with the new generation of console gaming among us it's closer than ever. While Need for Speed Rivals makes a great case in this aspect of gaming that seems just beyond our reach, even my tired eyes could see that we still have some work to do before we reach that kind of visual quality. But graphics aren't the only thing Ghost Games wanted to bring to the table, as they made one heck of an amazing racing game that is entirely worth your hard earned cash. But be warned - a constant connection to EA's servers and an Origin account are needed to play the game past the tutorial.

When we first booted up Need for Speed Rivals, we were greeted with a few cutscenes that we couldn't skip. These cutscenes explained a generic narrative in which there are cops and racers, and they hate each other. That's great and all - but aside from a "here's the deal, go." there's no r…

The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Review

Released: October 11, 2013  Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Vita, PC, Mac, iPad  Players: 1 Developer/Publisher: Telltale Games ESRB Rating: M (Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco)
We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, and all the other classic fairy tales.  What The Wolf Among Us shows us is the story of what happens after the stories.  Acting as a prequel to Bill Willingham's Fables (published by DC Vertigo) Wolf Among Us shows us what happens when Bigby Wolf (Big Bad Wolf) comes across the first murder of a Fable.

Telltale Games has shown us, especially lately with The Walking Dead, that it can tell an amazing story that draws the player in and makes them care about the characters and consequences.  The opening credits drew me in instantly with it's gorgeous presentation that manages to be both colorful and dark.  The noir setting is apparent as soon as you…

Contrast Review

Have you ever played a game simply because it was there? Whether it was a console game your friend brought over, or a Free to Play PC game, sometimes we play just because the game is presented to us as something easily obtainable. Nothing too special, but you have time to spend and the experience is available. This is likely the feeling you'll have with Contrast, as I felt it too throughout almost the whole game. The biggest problem I have with reviewing Contrast is the fact that I can't really answer the most important question: Is it good? The child in me who received a shiny new PlayStation 4 for Christmas and got this launch title for free via PS+ says it's amazing for what it is. But the cynical adult in me says that this would be a waste of what I can assume would be 15 dollars or more under regular circumstances (Update: it is $15 on both PSN and XBL).

With that being said, we should next cover what exactly Contrast is. I imagine Contrast as being Tim Burton's …

Doki-Doki Universe Review

Have you ever played a game that you never really felt like it was actually a game? I know Doki-Doki Universe is a game... I use a controller, bought it from the PlayStation Network, and it's an interactive experience that takes place on my television set. I suppose the similarities to other games as we know them stop there. I'd feel much more comfortable calling Doki-Doki Universe an amazing and deep self discovery experience with emphasis being placed on how adorable everything can be.

You play as QT3, an old robot who was left to rust on a moon for 30+ years with a sassy and lovable balloon because he's an older model with no humanity. Enter Alien Jeff who's debut into the story sees him readying QT3 for the scrapyard unless he can become less of a robot and more of a human. This plays out by going to various planets around the universe riding on a pig with wings, a coco mug, or even a large parrot, and solving the inhabitants problems or just making them happy.