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Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Review

I originally played Ninja Gaiden 2 during its initial Xbox 360 release and really loved it. It has always been on my shopping list to pick this apparently enhanced title up, and thanks to a random great deal while I was out one day, I finally accomplished retrieving it. I can say that there's much more here. We're not talking about just a graphical overhaul to look even nicer on the PlayStation 3 hardware, there's additional characters to play, weapons, enemies, and even a multiplayer mode which I don't believe was in the origin release. It's kind of an expansion pack the way expansion packs should be made (picture XCOM: Enemy Within with less need for bug fixes).

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is so confusing, after beating it twice I still wasn't sure I understood what exactly was going on. I think even in video games stories have a habit of being grounded in their own reality, but I can't tell what direction Team Ninja was going - and it goes full speed into a lo…

Resogun Review

I found myself playing Resogun after work every night for a few weeks straight. Now, I should come home with bed on the front of my mind but there's something that I can't get over when it comes to this game. I think to myself that I'll just play a few levels or on a harder difficulty until I die - and that turns into me being awake at 5am and craving more but forcing myself to power down my PS4 and trying to catch some Z's. I know that trophies shouldn't influence a reviewer's score of the game, but the way they're dangled in front of the player is brilliant. All of them are completely obtainable and realistic, but acquiring these accolades for your PSN virtual display case is no simple feat, and addicting as ever.

Resogun might lose your business if you require a serious story line, or even one at all. There's very little here except for the player's imagination to take care of that hole. Not to say that an arcade spaceship shooter needs a grippi…

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors Review

Set mere minutes after the chilling conclusion to Episode 1 (Faith, click here for our review) The Wolf Among Us propels us further along into the darkness and mystery of Fabletown. Bigby finds himself being interviewed by the police and after a short exchange is busted out by none other than Ichabod Crane. Following another short exchange you get to start seeing the effects of your choices from the last chapter.
The scenes are drastically different.  In one you have Tweedle Dee, who everyone says you were stupid to catch, the other The Woodsman who everyone thinks is guilty.  This episode really brings out the different ways you can play as Bigby, really focusing on the good cop/bad cop part.  I myself went with the gentle approach, asking the Woodsman calmly about what I wanted to know. Bluebeard urges violence and even takes a lunge, but I chose to stop him.  A similar situation at the local strip club brought out the good cop even more as I resisted the urge to bust up the plac…

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

DmC: Devil May Cry is pretty cool. It's not without its problems though, and these problems are very evident. First, there are very long loading times. With these loading times you'd think the game was taking extra care in crafting textures and preparing for a smooth framerate, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Texture pop in during gameplay and cutscenes is a big problem in the game, and there's some pretty awful framerate hurdles that you'll have to just learn to accept to get the best out of Dante's first outing as a rebooted IP. The audio pops in and out as well sometimes, which really annoys during the shorter loops.

Dante's uncle is an evil demon who is controlling Earth through debt and spying on everyone, this has been going on for years in fact, and Dante awakens to this realization when his brother's accomplice helps him out of a jam and explains the situation. It's an interesting premise that hasn't been done to death. Now Dant…