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Risk of Rain (Steam)

I generally don't like to dismiss an entire genre because of the primary mechanics within it. Until I played Risk of Rain, I did just that for "Roguelike" games. I'm not going to claim that this game changed my entire outlook on the genre, but it's the best one I've played and it's one of the best games I've played in my life. For those who don't know, Roguelike games mostly feature randomized dungeons, and "Permadeath" (one playthrough, completed or not, is equal to one life).

The player character(s) crash land on a desolate and dangerous planet, full of monsters and things to discover. From here, you or your team have one life to live to try to make it to the end and beat the game. The thing about games in this category is that beating it is just a milestone - an achievement. The purpose of Risk of Rain isn't winning against the final boss once, the purpose is doing it many times with multiple combinations of characters and settin…

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Review

Released: September 24, 2013 Platforms: Wii U, 3DS, PC Players: 1 Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Developer: 5th Cell ESRB Rating: E10+ for: Cartoon violence, Comic mischief
With over 2,000 DC characters and items to use Scribblenauts Unmasked quickly sets itself apart from other games in the series. Keeping the same game play as Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts Unlimited makes it easy to dive right in and get going. I played on PC (purchased on Steam), and while the WASD and mouse worked just fine I have heard that it's easier to control on the Wii U and 3DS due to the directional buttons.

In the game you control Maxwell, a happy kid with a magical notebook that can create almost anything. Together with his sister Lily who has a globe that can teleport you anywhere they have to collect Starites to get home.  The beauty of the game is that there's no set way to beat the puzzles and it's all up to your imagination. Need a ride somewhere? Just create a T-Rex that you can ride…

Mario Kart 8 Review

The enthusiastic "MARIO KART EEEIGHT" voice over when you press start embodies the whole feel of Mario Kart 8. It's fast, loud, and fun - always turned up to 11, and generally chaotic. Playing alone is fine for practice, and playing online is great if you're really confident, but playing locally with one to three friends is when the game gets amazing. Nintendo is just about the only company that understands: I want to play with my friends who take the time to come over to my apartment!

There's really no storyline to Mario Kart 8. Mario and the gang get together once again for something a little different than the standard fare they're used to. For some reason, Bowser and his kids are invited and baby versions of most of the characters are given keys and told to drive. It's like playing an arcade racer that you don't need to keep popping quarters in.

One thing I found annoying about the game was the selection. There's so many Mario creatures out t…

Dark Souls 2

My first playthrough of Dark Souls 2 ended after 31 hours. I've been playing games since I was a child, so most games don't take me more than 10 hours to complete and master. The 31 hours I spent with this game were some of the best gaming hours of my life. I can't wait to dive right back in and try out a new character, some new builds, find secrets I didn't check out on my first run - I've not been so excited about getting back on a game after work for almost a year (that game was Pokemon Y).

I did find Dark Souls 2 to be much easier than it's predecessors, I'll talk about this in more detail later, but I'll summarize a bit now. There were definitely still times where I would let the expletives fly, and playing it any less carefully would be a death sentence - but depending on your history with the Souls series, your character build, and your play-style it could go on either extreme end of the spectrum.

Set in the same world as Dark Souls, naturally, …