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The Wolf Among Us Episode 5: Cry Wolf Review

"You're not as bad as everyone thinks you are."
Those words, spoken at the end to Bigby Wolf, made me reflect on my time with The Wolf Among Us.  I like to think that I was better than what most of the citizens of Fabletown thought of me, but there were definitely times I wanted to go and redo.  I found myself regretting my choice to kill one of the Tweedles (I never could tell them apart), I wanted to change what I did to Greenleaf's tree.  
Episode five starts us where we left off, in the lair of The Crooked Man.  The scene is filled with tension as The Crooked Man, Georgie Porgie, Tweedle (Dum or Dee, can't tell), and Jersey Devil are all present and you can tell they want to rip you apart.  When they make their move one of the best fights in the whole series follows, one which I wanted to play over to see all the different moves I could make.   You follow The Crooked Man and Georgie, choosing which one to follow in a gripping chase scene.  I went for Georgie…

Shovel Knight Review

I usually pride myself on having something different to say about games when I review them. I consider the medium to be art, and art isn't something that's concrete - it's subjective depending on the person experiencing it. In the case of Shovel Knight, I'm afraid my praises aren't going to be too different than any other reviewer's out there. This is a great game, and it brings me back to the "good ol' days" of 2D Platformers, yet still maintains a few modern twists (auto-saves, digital distribution only, and a cool Dark Souls-esque system where you can gather gold dropped when killed).

As the title of the game would imply, you play as Shovel Knight. He's a guy who used to be a big hero, but lost a friend during an adventure and went in to solitude for a long while. He then found that he was needed once more, and has a perfect opportunity to revisit the resting place of his long lost friend to find out what happened and save the world.


Game Dev Story Review

The general goal of Kairosoft's mobile games are to achieve a "perfect" rating of sorts within a generous time limit. In Game Dev Story's case, you have 20 years to run a video game developing company (named by the player) and become the world's best. In this particular title, the end-goal is less concrete because even if you don't do too well, you'll get your final stats after 20 years and be encouraged to restart and beat your high score regardless of performance.

After naming your company and going through a few tutorials, you're let loose and can do much of anything you desire. Making games is the bread and butter of Game Dev Story, but there's a lot of moving pieces in the background that constantly kept me in the action and glued to my Kindle till I hit the 20-year milestone.

While the narrative consists of generally loose goals in an overall big picture, the smaller details are conveyed through dialogue boxes of magazine articles about you…

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review

Released: June 24, 2014
Platforms: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U
Players: 1, 2-4 Online
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Edge of Reality
ESRB Rating: T (Violence)

I'm just going to start this by saying that I'm a fan of the Transformers movies that have been coming out since 2007. As a fan of the series I have also played all of the movie tie-in games that have been released. As almost anyone can tell you movie tie-in games aren't the stuff of legend. Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark suffers (pretty unjustly) the same hate as those quick cash grabs.

Rise of the Dark Spark acts as both a sequel to the awesome Cybertron series started by High Moon Studios (read our review for Fall of Cybertron here) and a movie tie-in to Transformers: Age of Extinction. Predictably this does cause it to suffer some, but not as much as many would have you believe.

The story revolves around the infamous Dark Spark, the equivalent of the Autobot's Matrix of Leadership. In one stor…