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Released: February 22, 2011
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Players: 1
Publisher: EA
Developer: People Can Fly, Epic Games
ESRB Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Use of Alcohol)

So a couple days ago I went into GameSpot and noticed a bin of games marked less than $5. Mixed in with older sports games and copies of Rock Band I found Bulletstorm, a game I remembered playing on the 360 years ago that I didn't remember very well.

Fair warning to all, this game is NOT for children. Not only is it violent (which really if you didn't expect that already you probably shouldn't be playing anything), but the language is really just over the top (and I'm not one to get easily offended by language). I wasn't expecting a super in depth or cerebral story but even so, this game relies a little too much on potty and gutter humor for my liking.
Where Bulletstorm shines however is its gameplay. Bulletstorm is a mindless blast of fun…

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

If I could make games, this is the one I would create. Not to say that this game was custom tailored to my specific brand of humor, but I feel like I could get along well with any developer from SleepNinja Games. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake (I'll abbreviate it MAMBC from here on out) is a fantastic mobile game which showed me that their only purpose isn't fill out your bathroom breaks with a screen to tap on. I played this game a lot more than I've played any other mobile game in a while.

You play primarily as Niko, a little boy who is very excited to eat birthday cake for breakfast in the land of Gogapoe. However, when our adorable hat-wearing hero wakes up, his cake is gone with only a trail of sprinkles and frosting leading out of the house. Once you leave and explore the town a bit - it's time to meet some friends, solve some puzzles, and enjoy the eye candy of this very well put together game.

The story is conveyed through small cutscenes with text box overlays…


Phil Fish: Love him or hate him, he made a great game. I'm not going to go into my personal thoughts or any of the stupid statements he's made over the years - because this review is about Fez. My sound advice to everyone is to love the developer and try not to hate the person. As I've said just moments ago, Fez is a great game, I wish there was more of it, and promise for a sequel, but we can't always get what we want.

You start the game as Gomez the 2D sprite that is going along in life very happily in his 2D world, but then gets his hands on the “Fez” (a little red hat). What we didn't know is that this little hat transforms the world into 3D. Now this is where Fez becomes very unique as you can now turn the world around with the left and right triggers, rotating the level to reveal hidden items and new paths. The game now opens up as a platformer / puzzle hybrid as you go in search of Golden Shards and Cubes.

There are a few plot devices at play in Fez, none o…

Dragon Nest

It's always been tricky for me to review an MMO. They're ever-evolving, and things change all the time - so reviewing one end-product suddenly becomes a much harder thing to do. I've played Dragon Nest since the start of the open beta, I am a guild master in a group I run with my friends and my wife, I have real experience with this game and how much it's changed. I'll try now to summarize the current version at least, as things have generally evolved into something much better than what it was.

I don't know much about the narrative of this game. Apparently there's a very deep and involving arch with every character you choose, but it differs and I skip the meaty dialogue as much as possible because in a game like Dragon Nest, I don't want to sit around reading. There's some people that can turn into dragons and the player's static alignments (based on which class you choose in the beginning) in the plot help or hurt certain bigwigs as you play…

Dungeon Village Review

You're in charge of a new town, and you have 15 years to make it a 5-star place for adventurers and merchants to live and work. There's a lot to manage in this Kairosoft simulation, and for the most part - I was satisfied completely year after year. I particularly liked the steady progression. Ultimately, if you've played a Kairosoft game before, you'll be right at home with Dungeon Village. Nothing about this game changes the solid foundation, it's just a different aesthetic.

The story in Dungeon Village is more or less up to the player. The only motivation and end-goal presented to you is to become a 5-star village by the end of the 15-year mark. Other than that, there's not much narrative here to sink your teeth into. It's an easy fun time to play for a short amount, or a great binge for a lazy day.

Dungeon Village is a cute game. Every animation, building, and character have something about them that makes you happy to continue on with managing the tow…