Super Sanctum TD

Super Sanctum TD is - as the name would imply - a Tower Defense game set in the Sanctum universe. There's not really a narrative in the game, as you go level to level and try to defeat increasingly hard waves of enemies. The whole concept of being in an arcade machine in the "Sanctum HQ" was pretty cool though. The game lasts as long as you want to play it, really. There's quite a few levels and options to make this cheaper title promising.

If you've played either Sanctum 1 or 2, you'll be familiar with the look and feel of Super Sanctum TD. All of the towers and enemies have been taken out of the flagship games of the series. The one complaint I have is the resolution. I understand that this was a side-project at best, but I couldn't pick an HD resolution that fills up my screen - so there's always the two black bars on both sides. Everything about the sound design is general Tower Defense. All the guns, weapons, aliens, etc. all make different sounds, and there's light musical accompaniment in the background.

Super Sanctum TD is a lot like its predecessors except for one thing - this game is only Tower Defense. You set up, do a wave, set up, do a wave, so on and so forth. You can upgrade and place towers on the fly, and use powerful abilities to make sure the core is protected if your tower selections fall through. There's a variety of towers with differing specializations, and if you preform well, you can get permanent upgrades after leveling up your overall score.
You more or less control the path of enemies by tower placement.
I got Super Sanctum TD for $0.99, and it's great for that price. If you're very passionate about the genre, and you can get it for less than five-dollars, I would recommend it. Otherwise, there's not enough here, and the game feels like it's lost in yesteryear. There are some great Steam achievements to get as well - and every single one felt like an accomplishment.

Let's Review:
  • All in all, decent Tower Defense
  • No resolution options that fill the screen
  • Get it cheap if you get it at all
Super Sanctum TD gets a 6.8 out of 10.

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