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PlayStation 4

"It's finally here, and more importantly, finally in my possession." - my original opening line for this review. Mind you, this review is coming out after I've had ample time to use all of my PlayStation 4's features and try out some of the games for it (a little more than a year) - but out of the box, I couldn't have been happier. The console is slick, but if you've read my console reviews before - you'll know I appreciate a matte finish over the shine. The thing is a fingerprint magnet in all the wrong places.
Cosmetics aside, it was easy to plug in, install, and has proven very simple to maintain. It's not a power hog, and even comes with a low-power feature so you can charge your controllers and continue large downloads without having the system cost you too much more on your electric bill. The system is near silent even when running disc-based games (that are all also available to download if you want to go digital), and I've never once …

Alan Wake

Alan Wake Is a modern take on horror with classical elements. It's still, all these years later, hard to play alone at night. There are a handful of parts that will make the fair weather horror game fan "need a break," among other seriously creepy happenings. One in particular made me realize how good the game's feel is orchestrated.

I was exploring an empty log cabin on my way to "Lover's Peak" and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow creature run past the window. I thought I was about to be in for a scrap, but after scanning the environment and circling the house a few times - I found nothing. Alan Wake scares with a great mix of subtlety and "Boo!" that, I feel, can be appreciated by most everyone looking for something a little more spooky to add to their rotation.

You play as the titled Alan Wake, a writer from the city who has had a bit of a dry spell when it comes to creating the next big page-turner. Alan and Alice take a trip to…

Bioshock Infinite

I played through Bioshock Infinite when it first came out back in March 2013 on Xbox 360 and was not nearly as impressed as I was just last week when I played through the game on PC. This isn't as much a PC superiority thing, rather I've aged a bit since playing it last and my tastes have changed in Infinite's favor.

"Bring us the girl, wipe away the debt." That quote is what the whole game revolves around, and it's hammered into you very obviously throughout the quest. It will make veterans of the series instantly draw parallels between the extremely superior "Would you kindly" of the first game in the series, but this beats you across the head, and forgets all about the subtlety that made the first Bioshock so good.

To my knowledge, everything is rendered in-engine and in real time. This helped my immersion, because I wasn't taken out of the game for 5-10 minutes at a time to just observe - I was detective Booker DeWitt. There are certain typ…

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII (or, "13") put me in an interesting situation as a video game reviewer. I recently played through on the newer PC version post-1080p update after having played the original back in 2010 on the Xbox 360 with the strict mindset of turning off my brain for a week and getting absorbed into a long game.

For the most part, Final Fantasy XIII holds up very well from how I remember it. The updated options for recent hardware on the Steam version helped me feel like I wasn't playing an old face-lift of a 2010 game, and that helped. I was reminded of the good times I had with it "back in the day," and unfortunately, I was also reminded of a few things I would have rather forgotten all together.

This game is plot-heavy and extremely so. There are very long portions where player-participation is minimal and the developers want you to just observe. Now, this being a JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) which are known for having a very involved story and h…