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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded HD

NOTE: This is one game within a 3-game compilation: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX. This review is for the individual game, not the entire compilation.
While I am grateful that I got to experience Re:coded, I can't help but feel like its existence was tacked on in every sense of the term. It was a Nintendo DS game back in the day that didn't add or detract anything to the overarching narrative, knowing this - I didn't bother playing it. Now it's essentially a movie of a generally uninteresting game on the 2.5 HD ReMIX collection. I feel strange saying this because I'm such a big fan of the series, but Re:coded is a Kingdom Hearts game I could have lived happily without.

The game takes place mostly inside a computer simulation, after Kingdom Hearts 2 and before Dream Drop Distance. It's basically a retelling of Kingdom Hearts 1, but inside a digital nothing-matters-here world. This game is so hard to love because of the emphasis that this is a side story. It's …

Azza Keyboard and Mouse

Brand: Generic Model: KB-159-101 Design Style: Gaming
My time with half of this combo was cut short (or should I say "chewed" short) by a certain adorable bunny that got on my desk. I had about a year and a half with the Azza pair and, from what I've read around Newegg and Amazon - I was one of the lucky ones. Azza is a generic brand of cheaply made computer accessory products, the fact that my keyboard is still operational is apparently nothing short of a miracle (I should mention, they're frequently free when buying a gaming PC). But this is a review of my personal experience with the product, so I can't immediately dock any points from other reviewer's complaints.

Visually, they look pretty slick as a pair. The red/black aesthetic might be a bit overused in gaming today, but it works. Mechanically, the mouse is far more impressive than the keyboard. The mouse houses four 4.2g weights and really kept me humble even on high sensitivity settings. Moving on to …