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Home is an interesting game that I would have never played if it wasn't $.85 on the PlayStation Network this weekend. The fact that the creator, Ben Rivers, attached his name to the very branding of the game makes me think it might just be something for the ol' resume, but good on him for making a decent 2D adventure game. In the beginning, I was on edge, but as the obvious plot started revealing itself, I realized how little there was to be worried about.

Home is kind of a choose your own adventure game, especially near the end when the game blatantly asks you yes or no question centered around a paragraph of text. Imagine reading "Did I make the sandwich and eat it, and afterword use the restroom which gave me a great excuse to work on my Angy Birds progress?" and you have the idea.

Everything is told through text overlays and some sounds in the background. The writing is good no matter what choice the player makes, and the story flows very well. I imagine you cou…

Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity made an awful first impression on me. It's as if every problem ever reported in an already notoriously glitch-filled game waited to bombard me within the first hour. I'll open the review with the ludicrous investment on your system to be able to play the game. The first night I had it, my disc copy made an outrageous 50GB install - then the game proceeded to download a 6.51GB update, then I was forced to download all of the free DLC before I could play. I don't know if you know this - but the PS4 isn't quite a wide open pasture flush with space, which is why I bought the disc version (I was under the impression the install wouldn't be SO big).

The story is the same as most other Assassin's Creed games. You are Arno, a kid with a bit of a traumatic past who becomes an assassin after being verbally abused by one in prison. For the most part, he's an average Joe in every sense of the term, but he kills people for a living (forget th…