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Hello Level Loungers, today marks the triumphant return of Andy! Sorry I've been so quiet this year, things have just been a little on the insane side. But I'm back and with me I've brought The Level Lounge's first Xbox One review!

Titanfall, when it first came out, was a game I wanted to avoid. The hype train was so intense for this game that just the mention of it made me not care about Xbox. The reviews came out and while they were mostly positive I was expecting 10's across the board considering what had been said.

Fast forward a year. EA and Respawn decided to make the season pass and all DLC for Titanfall free to celebrate its anniversary. After downloading it onto my Xbox (I don't care if I don't have the game, if it's free I'm going to get it) I decided I should see how much the game was. After picking up the game and installing it I jumped into my first game and while I wasn't blown away, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed my…


Bloodborne is, definitively, the best game I own and have played for the PlayStation 4. Comfortably ahead of Infamous: Second Son, and right in front of The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne is every single thing I wanted and more. If you've played any of the developer's other games in the last ten years, you'll be familiar with how a majority of the mechanics work.

There's plenty of mystery in Bloodborne, but From Software lets you know a lot more about the story off the bat which is a little new for Souls fans. There's also much more of a focus on horror elements and a story centered around religion flirting constantly with superstitions. We're told the story entirely through in-engine cutscenes that look phenomenal. So far on my main character, I passed the 50-hour mark and have beaten the game, It was such a fulfilling game I'm trying for NG+ (New Game Plus) completion, and have a few more builds in the works, each with about 10 hours.

There have been …

Tap Titans

Tap Titans is a game about tapping the screen repeatedly to achieve the highest DPS (Damage-per-second) possible against monster after monster. At the time of this review, I've tapped my phone over 10-thousand times in the app. It's surprisingly addictive, and has just enough depth and replayability to keep me coming back every few hours. It's a great bathroom game.

There's no narrative to speak of, and that's probably a good thing. It'd just be a distraction. The NPC's have a one-sentence summary if you want to read it, but that's about all you'll find. As far as time to complete the game - there's a real focus on prestige mode - so it has no real end. You get the character to level 600, and you can start everything all over with added bonuses. So, I get as far as I can until I struggle on a boss, then prestige with big additions made to my arsenal and try to get farther.
There's no hiding that the developers were trying to appeal to fans …