Hello Level Loungers, today marks the triumphant return of Andy! Sorry I've been so quiet this year, things have just been a little on the insane side. But I'm back and with me I've brought The Level Lounge's first Xbox One review!

Titanfall, when it first came out, was a game I wanted to avoid. The hype train was so intense for this game that just the mention of it made me not care about Xbox. The reviews came out and while they were mostly positive I was expecting 10's across the board considering what had been said.

Fast forward a year. EA and Respawn decided to make the season pass and all DLC for Titanfall free to celebrate its anniversary. After downloading it onto my Xbox (I don't care if I don't have the game, if it's free I'm going to get it) I decided I should see how much the game was. After picking up the game and installing it I jumped into my first game and while I wasn't blown away, I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed myself.

Titanfall offers a pretty standard set of matchmaking games including CTF (Capture The Flag), team death matches, and domination. The maps are varied and offer so many paths for movement it can get a little confusing. When not piloting a Titan your player moves quickly and can double jump onto ledges, run along walls, and even hop up on enemy titans to try and take them out. The movement is super smooth too, and after watching a friend play Advanced Warfare I realized it was like that but more fluid.
The classes you can create admittedly don't come with many choices. You can create 5 different pilots and 3 different titan loadouts. I found myself sticking with the smart pistol that can lock on to enemies and the ability to become invisible for a few seconds (great for sneaking up on titans). Speaking of titans, it is really cool when you call one in. Hearing that voice say "titan is ready" can give you the push you need when you're falling behind. Watching it fall from the sky to land in front of you can make you feel so bad-ass. Controlling the titan is different enough that it makes you think a bit more tactfully. For instance I found them to be too slow, so after hopping in and taking out a couple enemies I would jump out and have it follow me around the map. The auto titan is perfectly capable of taking care of itself, but it's important to remember that they are not invincible.
Piloting a titan.
If you have an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or a PC that can handle the game I highly recommend checking Titanfall out. While maybe not the most glamorous first-person shooter out there it's a fun game with a solid community playing.

Titanfall gets a 7.8 out of 10.

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