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InFAMOUS: First Light

InFAMOUS First Light was a PlayStation Plus freebie a while back and I just got around to playing it this week. It is well worth the $15 if you didn't manage to get it for nothing, and then some. You play as Fetch, a supporting character from Infamous: Second Son. First Light takes place before the events of Sucker Punch's flagship release, and tells both stories of Fetch's past in Seattle with her brother, and her training with Augustine. It's another good looking game that couldn't have been done nearly as well on a PlayStation 3.

The story is conveyed primarily via in-engine custscenes - a very popular choice for developers in the last few years, and the traditional comic-book in motion style of the InFAMOUS series. The entire game, platinum trophy and all (which was surprisingly easy to earn) only took about 20 hours. The main story is a hefty chunk of that time, but it's the arenas and challenges that kept me hanging around far past the narrative.


The Evil Within: The Assignment

The Evil Within: The Assignment turns up the survival elements by giving the player a gun only during one 5-minute segment, and a trusty flashlight for the rest of the 2-hour campaign. Getting caught generally meant getting hit, and getting hit roughly twice meant some pretty nasty deaths and restarting at the nearest checkpoint. Luckily, the checkpoints aren't as bad as vanilla Evil Within, and I never had to replay more than a few minutes to get caught up.

You play as Agent Kidman, who I jokingly call Nichole (I know, I'm not funny), and she is next to useless in everything she does with the exception being wearing high heels and yelling loudly when luring enemies to her. This sounds bad, but it's actually really cool to feel completely hopeless in most situations and have to sneak around rather than starting conflict with enemies.

There's the same conveyance here as there was in the main game. A really nice opener and closer cinematic, and in-engine stuff from ther…