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Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad is a love letter to Power Rangers and playing it was like traveling in a time machine to the early 90's. The writing was punchy and having named my characters after my friends and me made me appreciate it so much more. Within the game there were a lot of recent pop culture references which was surprising, as I expected more throwbacks to the time period, but it remained charming to the end regardless.

The premise is great - what if professional stuntmen took their skills away from the big studios and made their own indie production? Later, by the natural progression of things, what they thought was just a television show turned into reality, and now the fate of the world is in their hands. The story is told via a lot of clicking through text bubbles. I say that like it's a bad thing, but it's not bad - as there's quite a bit of action happening on screen - although I would have appreciated an automatic option so I didn't need to click through the long…

Triple Town

Triple Town was originally a Facebook game that I had no idea existed, in fact I wouldn't have even played it at that capacity a few years ago. It then came to iOS and Android, and later to Steam which is the platform this review will be focusing on (expect a future review of the mobile version). The mechanics of Triple Town are good enough that I was thoroughly addicted to it for days, chased my high score and collected every achievement. The "take the money and run" attitude of the developers, Spry Fox, and the consistent and devastating memory leak are bad enough that I'll likely delete the game soon and it will be a memory.

The story can be boiled down to the player being a person of some authority and it is your mission to make settlements on islands that branch around the capitol. The PC version is the only place with the capitol "meta-game," and it held my attention reasonably enough. There's no conveyance other than the tutorial's instructi…

Sonic Runners

Sonic Runners is a really good Sonic game, an almost excellent endless runner, and a no-brainer for Sonic Team and SEGA. For real, how was this not the first Sonic mobile game? There are a few cash grabs (IAP - "In-App Purchases"), and slight performance gripes - but there's nothing game breaking, and everything I'll complain about in this review can be patched. The game is also very generous with premium content so if you want it, grab it early before Sonic Team realizes just how much they're giving away.

There's some micro-narratives within the different ranks of the game, but nothing substantial enough to pay attention to. Every little bit of story is told via a portrait and text overlay, and thankfully everything can be skipped. It's an endless runner I play on the toilet mostly, so I don't need or want to sit through story bits. As far as I can tell the ranks are unlimited, and in the short amount of time the game's been out there's alre…

Batman: Arkham Knight

The most exciting thing about this generation of consoles is the amount of untapped potential. Every few months, whatever the latest game I'm playing, I always think "this is what the PlayStation 4's power is all about." I believe that Arkham Knight is both the most advanced game of this console wave and a great place to set the bar for further advancements. Aside from a few performance hiccups, this is definitively one of the best games of all time - and absolutely could not have been done on the previous crop of hardware without severe cuts.

This is the fourth flagship / seventh and final game in the Arkham series, following Arkham City (in order; Origins, Blackgate, Asylum, Lockdown, City, Underworld and Knight). In light of what happened in Arkham City, Gotham is now walking on eggshells waiting for the next criminal overlord to grab the reigns. The game starts when the new main villain, Scarecrow, makes his first move.

To my knowledge and understanding, everyth…

Raidmax Super Viper

Brand: Raidmax Model: ATX-321WB Design Style: Mid-Tower

The Raidmax Super Viper is a good case as well as my first custom PC case - strictly for the price because funny enough, I actually don't like the orange and blue. I have many praises but a few key complaints that keep this particular housing away from being the best. It is a stylish chassis, with a front shield (something I'm a sucker for), and has great slot selection / expandability. The front I/O's are solid, with one USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, and HD audio inputs.

One big complaint I had with with case was wire management. There is a false back, but it's not there to thread wires - as I couldn't path much of anything through it. Another crucial tidbit I feel needs mentioning is the lack of breathable, reliable mesh surrounding the case. After switching cases to the (far superior) NZXT Phantom, I popped open the Viper's front panel to find a dust bunny that was big enough for me to audibly gasp.

This is a pop…