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Rare Replay

Rare Replay should be considered Microsoft's trump card. I say this because I don't own an Xbox One, yet I snagged the last copy from my local retailer - release day. My parents do own an Xbox One and they're frequently out of town, so it's not too far fetched that I play when they're gone when I'm already pet-sitting anyway. Despite my need to justify my purchase, the point still stands - I don't even own the console and I had to have this game and - spoiler alert - it was worth every penny of the generous $30 asking price.

The premise is simple - this is a collection of Rare games, but a collection done right. Licensing issues from Rare's time with Nintendo kept a lot of the greats off the collection, like Donkey Kong Country and Diddy Kong Racing, but Microsoft still managed to secure 30 titles in honor of Rareware's 30th anniversary. One of the best things about this compilation is that there's no one-off Kinect games in it that we've s…

Mario Kart 8 Pack 2: Animal Crossing

As a fair-weather fan of the series, I'm surprised with just how much time I've put in to Mario kart 8. With that being said, the Animal Crossing DLC pack is the greatest thing to happen since the game's release. My new main character is the Villager, and I use his scooter, wheels, and glider religiously. With that being said, the Villager comes in two different flavors - one male and one female variation, and Elizabeth (the dog) handles and acts very much the same as them. Dry Bowser is the final inclusion, and it's just a skin swap for Bowser, I didn't find it too exciting but to each his own.

The new vehicles are what you'd expect from Mario Kart DLC, a bike, kart, wheels, and glider - all with unique stats and feel - as I mentioned before - you can't go wrong with the Villager set. As will always be the case, the real star of the show is the additional two cups which sings the tune of eight different tracks to race on.

The "Crossing Cup" hous…

NZXT Phantom

Brand: NZXT Model:Phan-002Gr Design Style: Full Tower
Don't let pictures or misinformation online fool you - this is a full size tower, and it takes up much more space than you think. I measured before ordering and fully understood the size of it, and I still wasn't prepared for the 4-foot box that showed up at my door (with the extra packaging, mind you). That being said - if you have the space and the budget - this case is just awesome. If you've been around here you know that this is my second case and that I upgraded from the Raidmax Super Viper, and it's quite the improvement.

The finish isn't matte - so expect a substantial amount of visible dust and fingerprints like with any glossy electronic device. The green trim and visible amount of mesh were the big selling points for me, and there's even green LED's on the top for the power and fan indicators. Completely ignoring its gargantuan size, this is the sports car of computer cases - stylish with all th…