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Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

I'd like to start this review with the story on why I even bought the game in the first place: The demo. There's a real lack of good, quality demos out there on the PlayStation Network and the "try before you buy" mentality is still very much alive today (which - when there's no trial or anything - leads to piracy). That being said, Disgaea 5 had an extensive, nicely featured demo that carried my save file over to the full release. I cannot stress enough how I wouldn't have even glanced in this game's direction had I not been able to take a bite and get hooked.

Now onto the meat, Disgaea 5 has been my addiction for the last straight week. I took a bit of time to play the Battlefront Beta, but I still clocked in at over 100 hours with the addition of my two week demo save. It felt like for every turn of the page a new system would be introduced that was just as enticing as the last, and some of the battles are so huge - and enemies so intimidating I could…

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

I'll get this out of the way: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, while telling a good interpretation of the story, does not stick to the manga. I have no knowledge of the anime and whether or not this game decided to follow that, but there are times when I found myself thinking "that doesn't happen here." or "we don't meet that character for another three or four books." Regardless, this is a fun, addictive game with a lot of content and replay value.

This game sets out to tell the grand majority of the entire story, and then some. You fight - Dynasty Warriors style - through maps filled to the top with cannon-fodder enemies and complete objectives based on the One Piece universe. I do feel like serious corners were cut with the conveyance of the story, as just about 90-percent of it is boring pictures with a text overlay. There are a few times when the presentation shines, such as boss introductions and outros, but they're far and few between compared …

Extra Life 2015

NOTE: My channel (Bryan's) will be the primary channel this year, and our (The Level Lounge's) channel will be secondary due to the potential of more exposure.
Hey everyone! Bryan here. Extra Life is right around the corner, and it's looking even lonelier than last year (three people instead of four) - but still a great event. If you'll remember when we did this last year, the team raised over $1,000, and seeing as we have even fewer members, I've decided to keep steadfast at $1,000 this year because we knocked it out of the park last time!

If you're unfamiliar, Extra Life is happening November 7th, and Chrissie and I, along with the rest of the team will be livestreaming video games for 24 hours straight. All proceeds we raise go directly to Riley Children's Foundation - who saved my life when I was only a few months old (I suffered from "Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return").

Donate if you can, or just stop by our Twitch when we'…

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is what happens when you let Insomniac Games do what they do best. As we saw a few years ago with Fuse, publisher influence on creative developers can make an otherwise wonderful concept into something generic. Luckily, Microsoft Game Studios surrendered resources and control and allowed something so crazy fun to happen.

The stage is set late one night at an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concert, faux Deadmau5 (Popular real-world EDM artist) included. Fizzco, an energy drink manufacturer is pulling up the curtain on their new product "Overcharge." Well, Overcharge was not properly FDA tested, and created a race of nasty, fast, agile, orange monsters. It's up to the player to throw Fizzco deservedly under the bus and save Sunset City. The story is told via extremely stylish cutscenes or through audio during play. Who would have thought that adding the word "BOOM" to explosions would make them so much more appealing to look at?

I've beaten a…

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

I remember five years ago, one faithful Black Friday at the local retailer, getting three pairs of these headsets (for myself, my girlfriend at the time who is now my wife, and her father) because they were the latest and greatest and name brand. They worked well, and would still be operational if not for a certain newborn bunny who liked to chew (it's just now hitting me how frequently I write about him here). After the grotesque and messy 16-foot cable was frayed, my pair only lasted about a year, which speaks towards the quality of the cable having lasted so long in such a state.

This headset was great for what it was. I got loud, booming sound, and could speak to my friends in a party on the Xbox 360. I believe we exclusively played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 when using these and the game paired well with the speakers. After the novelty of Call of Duty wore off for me, I started using them on my PC for Steam party chats and sound. The fact that they were plug-n-play reall…

Kitten Squad

Kitten Squad is a game published by PETA, and developed by industry newcomer Nine Tails Digital. I'll do my best to keep politics out of this review and judge the game strictly by my own usual criteria. While I'm going to not take any cheap shots, you should be prepared for criticisms in how the story is portrayed, and how utterly flawed it is in a real-world view. With that being said - this is PETA at its most manipulative, and part of me wonders why any developer (new or not) would partner with them.

The premise is that you're a kitten, in a squad tasked with saving animals. Multiplayer is in the game, but I have yet to find anyone interested in playing it with me. If PETA allowed this game to be created without the blatant, forced propaganda, it would actually be really interesting. What would it feel like to be an animal in captivity? Would you see the farmers and their tools as grotesque enemies? At any rate, the main focus seems to be saving sheep, but you'll a…