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Level Up - Weekly News Update (11/22-11/28)

December's PlayStation Plus Lineup Revealed
PlayStation 4:
King's Quest - Chapter I: A Knight to Remember
Gauntlet: Slayer Edition

PlayStation 3:
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

PlayStation Vita:
Freedom Wars
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken

PlayStation 4 Sales Pass 30 Million Worldwide
Sony has now sold more than 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles as of November 22nd, 2015, the company announced in a press release today. The PS4 has now had the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history, even beating the PlayStation 2 in terms of sales at the same point in its market availability.

Gold Mega Man Amiibo Coming Exclusively to North America
Capcom and Nintendo have confirmed that there are no plans to release the Gold Mega Man amiibo in Europe, saying it is "only for North America," making it an exclusive. The content inside the gold variant is the same as the normal Mega Man amiibo. Mega Man Legacy Collection will release on Nintendo 3DS across Europe and Nor…

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

I lived and breathed Assassin's Creed Syndicate for weeks. If I'm presented a thousand and one challenges, and a million and one things to collect I will always go for that ever elusive 100%. Almost everything about Syndicate is spot on, aside from a few minor issues and one much more major issue I encountered a few times.

The game sets the tone right up front. You play as one of two twins, Jacob or Evie Frye, switching between the two whenever you see fit or for specific missions. Jacob is a "go in with guns blazing" kind of guy with little tact and a sense of humor. Evie on the other hand is much more about business, she has a mission and a focus. Jacob wants to own the streets with his new gang, named "The Rooks," and Evie wants to find a piece of Eden which is an overarching point of the series. The real-world stuff is here too, but thankfully, we don't need to slog through it anymore like we did in Black Flag.

The story is told beautifully, thanks…

Level Up - Weekly News Update (11/15-11/21)

I guess I want to start with a little background. I love reviewing games, so much so that I would call it a passion. I also love gaming news, and I wasn't sure about how to incorporate it into the rotation until now. There were times where I didn't know where The Level Lounge was going and whether or not it was time to go all in. Let this be my declaration of my dedication to making The Level Lounge a great source for news, once a week on Saturday afternoon.

Another reason I decided to start working on Level Up is because I hate going to video game sites and seeing news about movies, comic books, and television shows peppered in with editorials and things that generally aren't news like sponsored content. After too long, it turns into a hunt to find a real, legitimate news article about the video game industry. I should mention I also have a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Journalism, and I'd like to start putting that to use. So join me once a week where I …

Rocket League

Rocket League is what I like to call a nine-day wonder, which is an old idiom for basically being the best thing ever then fizzling out gradually. There was a time my whole family would spend hours playing game after game (mom and dad included), but I haven't so much as turned it on out of interest for a good few months now. That's not to say it wasn't or isn't substantial - because it definitely took the world by storm, far exceeding Psyonix's predicted sales figures - but it didn't manage to hold my attention after earning the platinum trophy.

There's no story to speak of in Rocket League, as it's really a game about 5-minute fixes and to the developer's credit, they knew what kind of game they were making and stuck to it. There is a slightly customized league, wherein you'll choose the difficulty of the AI, how many teams will participate and how many weeks the tournament will go on (in game-time, not real-time). The game hits most marks spo…

eTopxizu ET3000

Ladies and gentlemen: I bring you a cheap, working and reliable gaming headset that only costs $22. That's right, after months now of preaching that we as consumers don't need name brand and overpriced peripherals - yet almost exclusively buying and reviewing them - I finally say "no more." It's easy to get in the trap of knowing a brand (in my case Razer and Turtle Beach) and sticking with it no matter the cost, but there's a whole market out there for companies who make quality items at much lower prices. There's a lot of fluff on the tin, as this is a company trying to sell their product (regardless of being a manufacturer vs. a retailer), but it's easy enough to sift through to find the facts.

The cups are comfortable, but they don't encompass my ears due to being a bit unwavering (read: nonadjustable). I never felt like - even after hours of play - that my ears were starting to sweat or my glasses were digging into the side of my head. While…

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500p

Here we are again with a Turtle Beach product when about a month ago I called the brand unnecessary and too costly. Truth be told, I don't have nearly as many nice things to say about the Stealth 500p's as I did the Ear Force X12's. In my defense, these were purchased at a very big discount ($60 instead of the original asking price of $130), and still yet managed to not be a worthwhile investment.

I'd like to tackle the big issues first. This headset pops at least twice every hour. There are three presets for sound but anything other than the standard setting makes them even more frequent. For those who don't know what a pop is, and why a pair of expensive headphones definitely should never do it - it's literally a tangible (meaning you can feel it in your ear) popping noise, or crackling. This is a big deal for a reputable brand such as Turtle Beach that still sells these at such a huge price.

Another key bit of false advertising from Turtle Beach is saying t…