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PlayStation 4

February's PlayStation Plus Games Revealed
Available starting Tuesday, February 2nd, here are Sony's PlayStation Plus subscription service's freebies for the month:

PlayStation 4:
Helldivers: Democracy Edition
Nom Nom Galaxy

PlayStation 3:
Grid Autosport
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

PlayStation Vita:
Lemmings Touch

PlayStation 4 Games Named Most Handicap Accessible
While the PlayStation 4 does allow a variety of easy-access options like allowing players to customize buttons layouts, the Able Gamers charity is looking to recognize releases that are designed with as many people in mind. Able Gamers have named PlayStation 4 favorites such as Rocket League due to the ability to resign all of the game's controls and employing a color blind-friendly colors and visual indicators, and MLB: The Show 15 for its visual accessibility and dynamic difficulty setting which adapts based on performance. Many mainstream releases that came out in 2015 "Failed in every regard,…

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in gaming in 2015. I know it came out in 2014 - but I've been playing catch-up ever since I got my PlayStation 4 - so I finally got around to it later (like, early December later). It is a full and complete game, completely void of gameplay monotony or narrative drag. I don't believe it is a perfect game particularly due to some miscommunication and not presenting the player with everything that can be done, but it's extremely close.

You play as three protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. Michael is a faux-millionaire retiree, who just exists in the world, constantly unhappy and unfulfilled. Franklin is a man from the hood who wants more out of life. Trevor is an annoyingly insane middle-aged man with no depth who hasn't been outright killed by anyone and everyone for some reason. The narrative takes off when two of the three characters happen across each other, and then explodes when all …

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx gives more of what we all wanted out of Borderlands DLC. New vehicles, weapons, enemies, maps, and a new story. Believe it or not, General Knoxx brings the story almost full circle, but not completely. There are some loose ends tied, and some secrets about the original game learned, which is really satisfying if you follow Borderlands completely.There are a few new vehicles, and they are fantastic. One vehicle holds all four people in the game, another is a racer type vehicle, and of course, it goes fast. The new vehicles are definitely a plus, and the new locations compliment them. The new maps are huge, and most always have a few vehicle outposts at your disposal.

The new weapons are a nice and noticeable touch. And the alien type weapons from the vault have made there way out I suppose, because I found two of them within 4 hours of playing (I personally never found a single one in the normal game). But new rare weapons that, to the m…

Level Up Weekly

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Was the Best-Selling Console in December / 2015
Sony has released a statement claiming that the PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console in the United States during both the month of December and the year of 2015. A Sony spokesperson had this to say in a statement:
"As we reflect on an amazing year, we want to thank fans and partners for making PlayStation 4 the top selling console in December and in 2015. PlayStation 4 also had the strongest third-party software sales in 2015 in the United States, according to NPD." Sony didn't share US-specific sales figures for the month of the year, instead repeating the worldwide 36-million figure it recently shared. Neither Microsoft or Nintendo has yet released a statement regarding the NPD report, although Valve has shared that 2015 was a very profitable year for them on their platform Steam as well.

This Week's PlayStation Network Store Update
PlayStation 5:
5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis (Digital)
A Boy…

Persona 4 Golden

There is no game series out there that can compete with Persona's style. One of my top 10 favorite games of all time is Persona 3 Portable, and honestly Persona 4 Golden has earned a spot in that same list. In fact, this game might actually be better than its predecessor (chalk my indecision up to nostalgia), this is a must own for anyone who has a PlayStation Vita. It's an enhanced port of the PlayStation 2's Persona 4 and it includes a ton of new features compared to the original including two new social links, a new difficulty setting, new music, voices, and cutscenes, and so much more. It would take an entirely separate review to share everything added, so I'll put a comprehensive list at the bottom of this review if you'd like to know (edited slightly to avoid spoilers).

Persona 4 Golden takes place in 2011 in the fictional small town of Inaba. The player character, named by the player (but canonically known as "Yu.") is sent from the big city while …

Saints Row: The Third - The Trouble with Clones

The Trouble with Clones brings you back into the Saints Row universe - Gat is back, and this time he's a tad different from when we last saw him. He is indeed a clone. Basically what this DLC amounts to is a wild goose chase to find clone Gat (nicknamed "Tag" humorously), but it's the funnest goose chase I've been on in my life.
Clones comes with the same things you'd expect from a Saints Row DLC pack: New weapons, homies, cars, missions, and the introduction of new characters. The opportunity to see Gat again, even in this disfigured and unfortunate state is a treat - and the missions are all fun and make you feel as if you're really doing something that will have an impact on the people of the city - as the main game felt like. If you have the cash to buy this separately, go for it - but if all three are looking good to you, then spring for the Season Pass. This is the best DLC pack in my humble opinion for Saints Row: The Third, and it …

Level Up - Weekly News Update

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 5 Potentially Launching as Early as 2019
Considering home consoles are here to stay, with the PlayStation 4 putting up particularly fantastic numbers, the PlayStation 5 is rumored to be already in development. Industry analyst Michael Pachter guesses that we might even see a next-gen console as early as 2018 - likely from Nintendo, but wagers that the next PlayStation iteration will more likely arrive in 2019, giving the current generation about seven years. The architecture employed in the PlayStation 4 should make its successor's transition much easier, teasing features like full backwards compatibility, but it's still a long way off to say anything for sure.

The Original Psychonauts Coming to PlayStation 4
The original Psychonauts from 2005 will be re-released on PlayStation in spring of this year. Sony has been good to Psychonauts developer Double Fine in the last few years, as it helped the studio release an updated version of the adventure game Gr…

Hardware: Rivals

I'll put this on the table before we dive in: Hardware: Rivals consists dominantly of two things I don't like in video games. The first of which being arena-based vehicular combat, and the second thing is being exclusively online with only player vs. player game modes. That being said, Hardware: Rivals is far from my favorite game of 2016. When I first got into it, I absolutely hated it but I eventually warmed up to the gameplay and it became less of a chore to play. Even though my skill increased and the trophies were popping at a satisfactory rate, I still found myself having trouble wrapping my head around the game.

As far as I can tell, there's no narrative backdrop to Hardware: Rivals. I couldn't put together if there was a long war raging on or if every player is participating in some kind of tournament. Since it didn't establish anything of the sort, and the promotional material for the game focused solely on the gameplay, there's no conveyance of plot …

Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space

Gangstas in Space put your character in the role of... Your character. The Saints signed a movie deal, and you're the star. Gangstas in Space comes with multiple mission, achievements, and cut-scenes. The co-star character is charming, and the story is full of laughs, and various space movie references. The missions are also varied, allowing you the opportunity to shoot down enemy spaceships, fly one yourself, and infiltrate a secret space base. Also, you get to keep everything once it's all said and done.
While the added gameplay won't take more than an a few hours (with trying for the achievements), this pack gave a little more of what fans wanted: More ridiculous Saints Row action. Sometimes the shark is there to be jumped.
Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space gets an 8 out of 10.

Level Up - Weekly News Update

PlayStation 4

Sony Attempts to Trademark "Let's Play"
San Mateo based Sony Computer Entertainment of America is trying to trademark the term, "Let's Play." What the trademark is said to represent is quoted below.
"Electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks; streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via global, and local computer networks." Let's Play is a general term on the Internet for streamers and other video content creators who play games while commentating.

Sony Sells over 36-Million PlayStation 4 Units
Last month, Sony announced that it has sold over 30-million PlayStation 4's. Now, since its release 25 months ago, it's officially sold 36-million units. 5.7-million of the extra 6-million were sold during the "holiday season," (the 22nd of November through the 2nd of January). During the same time-frame, software sales rose to more than 35-million titles sold in …