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XCOM 2 is one of the few games I was really looking forward to in 2016, and after its release on February 5th I was shocked at how hard it was to resist buying outright as I made a resolution to really cool it with game purchases and tackle my backlog this year. I ended up waiting on it and buying it much later at half price during a sale. That being said, I love XCOM 2. Andy reviewed the predecessor of this title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and the expansion XCOM: Enemy Within here a while back and if you haven't gathered - we love the series around these parts. The modding community has really taken to the game as well, making a vanilla campaign feel plain compared to a synergistic collection of modifications.

The premise of XCOM 2 is that the player lost the main story of Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within and the aliens have assimilated themselves among the humans inhabiting Earth to seize control of our systems under the guise of giving us a better life. The XCOM program remains in sham…

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is Square Enix's attempt to tide players and fans alike over until Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3 (when we may or may not eventually get it). In a nutshell, it's fun. I like it a lot and it blends Kingdom Hearts with a generous free-to-play system of which I've spent no money and received a ton of premium currency. What makes this entry work is that it's a prequel to the entire series, and as a side effect of that there's a lot of freedom in the story and it makes sense that so many people would have keyblades - but there are a ton of inconsistencies.

I'll start with the plot holes, as there are many. Firstly, Gummi Ships never transcended time, but have instead always been a way to navigate space - so how are Mickey and the boys around at all? This is supposed to take place before the great keyblade war, which preceded even king Mickey's training by many years, and possibly even Yen Sid's. That leads me t…

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 might be the best game by From Software ever, and possibly the easiest Dark Souls entry to this day. Take the latter with a grain of salt, as at this point I've played so much "SoulsBorne" (the combination of the Dark Souls series - including Demon's Souls - and Bloodborne) that the thought of jumping in to a new one is hardly as intimidating as it once was. While the PlayStation 4 sometimes has a hard time keeping the frame rate at a consistent 30fps and the net-code led to quite a few trips back to the main menu due to early-on server spottiness, Dark Souls 3 will remain a permanent inclusion of my video game library, and a contender for my game of the year.

The premise is simple, and hearkens back to the first Dark Souls in more important ways than one. The tagline on the commercials that featured the text "all will be revealed" were spot on, but as usual, it takes a keen eye and a sharp mind to keep up with the narrative. Nothing is especia…

Seven Knights

Seven Knights is a bit of a bore. It's also a huge chore. All of my rhyming aside, there are some pretty good highs when the numbers are on your side, but after the first week I completely lost interest as is the case with most mobile games - but what a first week it was. In a nutshell, this is a pretty standard mobile "role-playing" game from South Korea, filled to the brim with opportunities to give them a little money here and there (micro-transactions) for greater odds when unlocking more heroes, or just more resources. There's really nothing that sets this game apart from the hundreds of other auto-battlers on the app store. How did I come across it? A friend recommended it. Word of mouth, people - it does wonders.

I couldn't tell you the premise of the plot with a gun to my head. There are supposedly seven super awesome warriors in a war that's going on (I think). The ultimate goal of every player I would imagine is to collect at least five of the seven…

Tom Clancy's The Division

The PlayStation 4 Difference:
At the time of this review, the PlayStation 4 version of The Division wins out easily to my PC version. Loading anything takes a third of the amount of time, the servers are more stable, and PlayStation 4 integration (parties, trophies, etc.) are more comfortable to me than Ubisoft's Uplay. I also pull out better performance per the graphics on 1080p with the PlayStation 4. If your hardware in your PC is better or newer than mine, your mileage may vary and you might be better off to invest in that iteration. The remainder of this review will focus on the PC unless I specify particular points, though I have played both extensively. I'll come right out and say it: The Division was on my B-list at best, and I wasn't actually planning on getting it. That being said, an acquaintance in who was in two of my classes last semester asked if playing it together would be something I was interested in, and I pre-ordered it a few days after that conversatio…

Dungeon of the Endless - Crystal Edition Upgrade

If you're a fan (or think you will be) of Dungeon of the Endless, it would be wise to grab the Crystal Edition. As the pricing goes, it will run you back more money to get them separately than if you bought the bundle. It includes quite a bit of content that at least to me seems like a good enough deal to charge more on the front end of the transaction for roughly the same product out of the gate. It'll be more clear to include the list straight from the Steam page of what exactly comes with the Crystal Edition Upgrade (or just the Crystal Edition):
Dungeon of the Endless Digital Game.Play Dungeon of the Endless on PC and Mac.”Dungeon of the Endless” Amplitude Badge.Adds a unique badge to your Amplitude account.Adds 200 G2G to the value of your votes on our website.Dungeon of the EndlessBookworm Add-on.Adds “The Library” spaceship that unlocks a new mode for the game.Adds Josh ‘Ntello to the hero cast of the game.Official Digital Soundtrack.All Dungeon of the Endless tracks cr…

AdVenture Capitalist!

I don't dislike AdVenture Capitalist!, but I do kind of dislike myself for having invested so much time into it. It's a clicker / idle casual game where a large part of gameplay comes from your time not playing. If it wasn't free and had a handsome list of achievements to earn on Steam, I would not have even looked at it. There are micro-transactions, but I found the use of Cheat Engine's speedup hack saved me a lot of time and money in this regard. I would never recommend spending money on a game like this unless the money is to purchase the game itself (like Tap Heroes for example).

There's no story to follow in this game aside from little snippets in the "Swag and Stats" section where your badges are displayed and the little money man mascot appears to grow richer the more you do. The extra events that are time-exclusive seemed to have a narrative via a text overlay, but it only goes so far as a cute little story. I have spent over 120-hours with the …

Dungeon of the Endless - Organic Matters

The “Organic Matters” update features a massive amount of content designed by the community via the GAMES2GETHER© initiative. It's an extremely generous offer from Amplitude Studios who is known at this point for providing their games with a steady stream of updates and DLC. You can change your gameplay with the new Organic pod, fight against new monsters, play with a new hero, build new minor modules, check out the brand new ending sequence, and enjoy the addition of full gamepad support, all for free for owners of the base game.

All of the new inclusions are listed here:

Organic spaceship: Note from sales brochure: ''This pod is an intellectual living creature, so take care of her, like a member of your crew. Remember, she likes red wine, boiled shrimp with sauce, classical music and pictures of kittens.'' The Organic spaceship provides a new gameplay mode with the following rules: Powered rooms can't be un-powered, provide x Food per turn, and hurt monsters. …

Bryan's Top 10 Games of 2010

2010 was another great year for games. Particularly for me just getting into college and working part-time, I could afford to buy my own games on a regular basis. You'll notice I actually skipped 2011 when I originally said we'd go year-by-year, but truth be told I'm still working on the list and re-tagging all of our old reviews to make it easier to locate games by year (and I'm in school again which takes up a LOT of my time now). Let's lay some ground rules as we usually do, and if you've been keeping up with these lists, you'll be familiar with the guidelines...
First, only base-games are allowed to be on the list. I'm cooking something up for DLC and expansions for a later date - they belong in a separate list. Definitive editions or collections of games will probably win to the original release unless otherwise noted. Re-releases count as long as they came out in 2010, but that wasn't really a trend in the industry at this point. Mobile games…