Let's Play: Overcooked - Collection 1 (Episodes 1-5)

Hello, everyone! It's Bryan. As you may or may not know, we've started getting in to the Let's Play realm on a popular video sharing site. First we livestream on The Level Lounge's Twitch page, then I put that old Bachelor's degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Media to work and chop it up for The Level Lounge's YouTube page for sloppy-seconds (or cleaner, more focused video - that's up to you to decide). Anyway, our first game is Overcooked, so every five episodes of a game I'll slap them over here in an easy-to-digest playlist.

Hope you enjoyed it! I just want to let you all know here: We do not advertise. We're not part of the YouTube AdSense program, none of this is sponsored (if you want to be a sponsor, shoot us an email!), so please don't think that we're getting into this whole video thing for money. Heck, while we're at it - this site isn't to make money. This is a passion of mine and I just like to write about video games. That being said - also don't expect these compilations too much. I'm hard at work on April's top 10 and the weekly review fell by the wayside a bit due to that. So I wanted to have something kind of fresh, but I have no time to write a whole thoughtful review.

We gave Overcooked a 9 out of 10.

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