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Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 4)

I will play Kingdom Hearts any and every time Square Enix releases it. I love the original game, and I'm very excited that I got to play a 1080p and 60fps version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. I will admit, the phrase "they don't make 'em like they used to" is both good and bad when it comes to the first entry in the series, but regardless of a few strange gameplay design choices this is a game that I can still appreciate today, 15 years after its United States debut.

If there's one unanimous thing all Kingdom Hearts fans agree on, it's that the narrative is confusing. It's not quite Dark Souls story telling where the answers are there and the player can peace it together at their leisure. You will be presented the story in a grand fashion throughout the whole series, but there are just more questions than answers after you've seen it all. That can be really useful if Square Enix delivers answers in Kingdom H…

Titanfall 2 - Colony Reborn

The Colony Reborn DLC for Titanfall 2 is unfortunately pretty slim, but it does almost manage to scratch an itch in every important aspect of online gameplay. First of all, what's in it? As the name implies, Colony is an old map from the first Titanfall that has been remastered and reworked into the Titanfall 2 online mode. There's also a new weapon though it's just a re-skin of the first assault rifle that every player has access to - also from the first entry of the series. The only other gameplay addition is a new pilot execution. Finally there are a lot of new purchasable cosmetic items including new prime titans (a variant of the stock titan with a unique look and execution), calling cards, and camouflages.

Colony Reborn is packaged with a pretty large online balance patch. Some of the stuff I got to test out for myself while other things are so specific or don't tailor well to my play-style that I probably won't try them. One thing in particular I'm thank…

Bryan's Top 10 Favorite Games of All Time (2017)

Here's another list that was tough to put together - my all-time top 10. I put 2017 in the title because I'd love to revisit this list and see how it evolves or changes in the future seeing as one inclusion came out in the second half of 2016. You'll notice some of these games aren't individually reviewed here, and the ones that are might not be perfect 10's. That's because these games transcend a rating for me and remain my personal favorites even with any potential flaws. I only have two rules for this list. One game per series on the main list and one game per series on the Honorable Mentions list. Just a small note on the Honorable Mentions list: They aren't - and have never been - in any special order. Maybe I'll start listing them in order in the future. Alright, let's get to it!

#10 - Titanfall 2 (PlayStation 4)

Oh my gosh, I did not know what I was getting in to when my brother bought a copy of this game for me on PC (Origin) during a 50-per…